The World has to be White Again

Fred Fraudem, founder and chairman of the Second Amendment Foundation and Seth Sectanda, senior vice president for public affairs at the American Evangelical Glory Institute, are meeting at their favorite watering-hole, The Evangelist Spirits on V Street in Washington, D.C., where they only tune to FoxTV.

Little did Seth’s Serbian father, looking for an“American” name know that the Latin word Sectanda means dishonest. However, the family name did perfectly fit his son, as it did his father.

The father and son devote their time to selling Golden Age Kits for the coming millennium promised in their Evangelical faith, where Christ returns to reign on Earth. However, they believe that before he will return, there will be a tribulation where he defeats evil. There will be natural disasters and wars, and perhaps an Antichrist, as the book of Revelations notes. Then at the end of that period, the people of the Mosaic covenant, including the Jews, will convert. Then after their conversion, the great millennium starts. So for this grad event, suitably branded as, “Make Christianity Supreme Again,” the kit includes welcome Jesus banners; Jesus and his Disciples’ inflatables; Catholics could order Paul too; and an extender staff, fit for the Shepherd.

Sectanda, taking his eyes off the big screen television, moans, “Fred, don’t we have enough of AOC [Rep. Alexandria Orcasio-Cortez] and this Ill…something [Rep. Ilhan Omar], that the world has this leftist [New Zealand prime minister] Jacinda Ardern.”

Fraudem quickly adds, “Seth, this is all but to show our #45 [President Trump] in a bad way… the only president sent by God.

“Say, this Brenton Tarrant being called names for blowing up a fewMuslims, is just 28-years old, but he has more smarts than of these ‘heroic’ Congress members of ours.

“This guy beautifully understood that Trump is ‘a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.’”

Sectanda, nearly smashing his glass on the counter, states, “Fred did you see that… this silly Arden hugging Muslims… Oh God, hopefully, other politicians won’t start imitating her. I tell you, she is making things worse than anyone can imagine. She has said that the her government will help cover funeral costs — as well as provide financial support for up to years for those who will now suffer a loss of income due to the death of the wage-earners…

“And she is banning guns! God have mercy. Trump should warn her right now that this could lead to sanctions.”

Fraudem quickly adds, “Seth, not just that but she is giving benefits without questioning their immigration status. How dumb can you get!

“We all know that immigration and multiculturalism are decaying our culture, the way of our white, European, Western world.

“Doesn’t this Arden remember that it was our great white folks who cleared great lands like America, like Canada, like Australia, like New Zealand… and they almost got South Africa… cleared the chaff so whiteness could prevail.”

Sectanda furthers his contention, “Fred, no Sir, the real whiteness is not dying. Remember November last year, when the voters of Alabama overwhelmingly confirmed that they remain a Christian conservative state.”

Fraudem, nodding his appreciation, adds, “You are right Seth. People are killing true whiteness. They have forgotten that Mathew said for ‘they shall inherit the earth’ (Bible 5:5)… he meant whites [of course, editing the verse more than a trifle].

“This Australian senator Fraser Anning is so right. We need a few more like him in public offices in America. He is spot on that the real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.”

Sectanda, glowing with mutual appreciation, said, “Fred, this Anning said more, like Islam is not like any other faith. It is the religious equivalent of fascism. And just because the followers of this savage belief were not the killers in this instance, does not make them blameless.

“Of course, what does he get? I heard that more than one million signatories have demanded that Anning be removed from parliament. They are saying that he does not represent Australians. Even their Prime Minister [Scott Morrison] expressed his repulsion for Anning.

“Aren’t we lucky that our President doesn’t go around saying such silly things. He would never scold anyone… any lawmaker for telling the truth that Muslims are working to enforce Sharia law and looking to infiltrate Congress.

“Arden is a real nut. Trump calls her and asks what the United States could provide. And would you believe it, she says, ‘Sympathy and love for all Muslim communities.’

“These guys have recognized the wrong enemy. It is not Anning. It is crazies like Arden. “Let us raises our glasses for our President Trump, the true symbol of renewed white identity. He is committed to whiteness.

“We need to remind people that Jesus was born in Bethlehem…”

Fraudem quickly asks, “O wow! Right here in Pennsylvania! Sure, he is more American than apple pie. You are right, if you want Jesus to return, the world has to be white again.”

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