No One anywhere should be allowed to Question the Government

Following his execution of nine members of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Egyptian coup president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, has called the crown princes of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) and Mohammad Bin Zaid (MbZ).

El-Sisi, blurts out, his voice quivering with anger, “I just don’t know why the resolution against India over Kashmir was adopted [at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation foreign ministers conference in Abu Dhabi].

“Indeed we should have lauded India for banning the region’s Ikhwan (MB)… this Jamaat-i Islami. We should have thanked [Indian prime minister Narendra] Modi for uprooting this Ikhwan. Wow… wow… he has closed their schools, orphanages, clinics and social services. Yes, starve those ugly folks to extinction.

“What really made you do it? Just because Imran Khan refused to send his foreign minister because you had invited the Indian foreign minister, you had to do this favor! Why! You have given him all this money and you go around pleasing him. Indeed, I deserved all that money. Has he banned the Pakistani Ikhwan? No.”

MbZ offers his view, “Yes, my brother Abdel Fattah, even Tamim (Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar) can’t send any help to these Ikhwan. I will not allow it! God forbid, they talk about democracy.”

El-Sisi shrieks again, “I don’t know what is wrong with [Turkish president Recep Tayyip] Erdogan. Now he is upset over my hanging of a few Ikhwan.

“Are those who oppose governments of their won countries human?

“And now Erdogan is saying that he will never speak to someone like me… Now listen to this, Erdogan has become the only person to criticize me. Who is he to criticize me? I can do anything to anyone in my county. He also has the gal to ask, ‘Where are the Westerners? Have you heard their voices?’ No. We do it all to please them. Why would they say anything wrong. He is even criticizing me for my way of ruling… he is upset that anyone tortured, the way I do, will confess to anything I want him to confess to. Of course, Amnesty International was not too far behind.”

MBS, in a voice affected by anger quickly, asks, “O dear, Erdogan! He has to poke his nose into everything. My brother Abdel Fattah, just give him no mind. You know how he is not letting the world forget Jamal [Khashoggi]. So, Erdogan still doesn’t know that you banned them six years ago!”

El-Sisi quickly blurts, “Yes, yes, I sent them packing when I kicked out [elected president Mohamed] Morsi. Who is there to tell him that Ikhwan is banned all over… America doesn’t tolerate them… Trump doesn’t. Why the fuss.

“O my brothers, with all the money you are giving to Pakistan, you should ask Imran to ban his Ikhwan too.

“You know how much this Ikhwan… I mean Hamas hates our Israel. ”

MBS offers, “Yes, my brother, yes. Our mission is to see that our Abu Ivanka (President Trump) is satisfied with us.

“We have to stand together. See what is coming up in Algeria. Our brother, Abdelaziz [Bouteflika], had acted so wisely to prevent the Ikhwan like elected government coming into office. He has been president only since 1999, and some people are objecting to his fifth term.”

El-Sisi adds, “I hope that Erdogan does not have his finger there. I mean he even objected to what China is doing to the Uyghur…”

MBS quickly states, “And see I expressed my support to China. No one anywhere should be allowed to question the government.”

El-Sisi continues, “Isn’t it time that we let Erdogan know that Turkey no more rules the Arabs. Colonel Lawrence [of Arabia] gave us freedom. All of us should declare in one voice that no one anywhere should be allowed to question the government.”

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