Islam is Gobbling up our Own

Smut Vikidson, owner and operator of Smut Towing, who has a second career as member of the area KKK’s Great Titan’s Wrecking Crew – an action squad, which takes physical action against enemies and wayward Klan members, is meeting with Jake Swinestein, principal of Swinestein Consultancy, that specializes in lobbying for the arms industry, who is visiting Korn City.

They have a project to discuss but both have been shocked by the news that Dutch far-right Party for Freedom’s leader Geert Wilders’s right-hand man and a Dutch former MP Joram van Klaveren’s announcement that he has converted to Islam.

Swinestein, who can’t bring himself to express his dismay, turns around his pork chops in his plate, and declares, “Absolutely devastating! This man was ours! He used to call Islam the biggest disease to have hit their country in the last hundred years. He fought a relentless campaign against Islam in the Dutch Parliament, calling for bans of both the Muslim face-veil and minarets.

“I think he has been my Moslem Brotherhood and also he has gotten money from Qatar… they go together. Now he is saying that the analysis which he made as a far-right MP that most problems in the country and the world can be blamed on Islam were false.”

Vikidson adds, “This is most disturbing. Just as we were celebrating the poll that almost half of people in France and Germany believe there is a fundamental clash between Islam and the values of their society, we get van Klaveren’s crossing over the enemy.

“Upon hearing about the poll, our Wizard talked to both Lotte Erbrechen. She is spokesperson of Gesellschaft für Deutsch Vergrößerung, which in English is the Society for German Agrandissement. He also talked to Pierre Vomissement of Société pour l’agrandissement français, which is for French Society for French Agrandissement.

“They were really excited that the YouGov survey, which also polled Britons and Americans that only 13 per cent of people in the UK say that they had a favorable view of Islam. Erbrechen told him that YouGov’s Joel Rogers de Waal said that substantial portions of Western respondents in the survey perceived a clash between Islam and the values of society in their country. He also said that general impressions of Islam were comparatively less favorable than that of other world religions among significant numbers of Western respondents.

“This shows that our work is bearing results.”

Swinestein quickly offers, “This is fantastic. The more people distrust Islam and Moslems, the more weapons we sell.”

Vikidson growls, “But despite these good pools, we getting bad news too. See Joe Ricketts, who owns the Chicago Cubs has been forced to apologize after saying Muslims are my enemy in a series of leaked emails.

“Imagine, this man was considering writing a book entitled ‘Islam, Religion or Cult’… this man’s son, Pete Ricketts is governor of Nebraska. The other son Todd Ricketts is finance chairman of Trump’s re-election campaign. And now Pop Ricketts who believes that Islam is a cult and not a religion is forced to apologize. No sir! I am sure that he really doesn’t mean it… the guy owns the Cubs and he has to sell his tickets!

“Jake, this survey had good news for you that 72 per cent in France and Germany said they were either ‘very concerned’ or ‘fairly concerned’ about the ‘possible rise of extremism’ in Islam. Yeah, people gotta buy more guns and take care of them.

“Jake, you see Trump is right about the wall. You know these Moslems must be pouring in from our southern border. I would say that he shouldn’t stop there. We need to block Canada too. We need to secure America!

“There are good people among us. Folks like Ronald S. Lauder, who is heir to the Estee Lauder fortune, donated more than one million dollars, Dick Schulze, the founder of Best Buy, and Robert and Rebekah Mercer donated to Secure America Now, which produced documentaries like ‘Islamic State of France’, and Islamic State of Germany’ to alert our people to this Muslim menace.

“Jake let me pull back to Wilder’s party. In 2013, he lost Arnoud van Doorn, once his Hague-based city councilor, to Islam.

“Jake, we got to support Wilder. You could get some guns and stuff sent to him. We need to act because Islam is gobbling up our own.”

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