Definitely a Korean Conspiracy

Conservative social and political commentator Ann Coulter has ben invited to address the annual gala of the Women’s First America First organization.

Coulter has energized her audience declaring that by caving in to Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the government shutdown, Trump had become a bigger wimp than George Herbert Walker Bush.

Once again she animates the audience, this time declaring that New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is actually a communist, and indeed on the payroll of a communist regime.

“Friends and officers of the Women’s First America First thank you for inviting me. First things first, I thank Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell [R-Ky.] for standing against H.R. 1. The Democrats are pushing this dangerous bill that would make Election Day a holiday for federal workers. Under the bill, which would also enact automatic voter registration, federal employees would be able to take off six days to work at a polling place.

“You see this is another Democratic weapon to steal our democracy… to steal America from real Americans.

“We have all seen what has come to Congress… two more Muslims… indeed one wearing the hijab, which you know is enforced by Iran. And now you have a communist from New York City, this Alex [Ocasio-Cortez] something. So to lull us into complacence she has started talking about things like makeup.

“And just weeks into her term, she is telling people that skin care is an integral part of her approach to the job. Did New Yorkers send her to Washington to talk about creams and lotions?

“We have to focus on every word these communists utter. She is talking about K-beauty. Yes, this K-beauty does not stand for Kentucky beauty. It stands for Korea! Now which Korea? Of course, for the communists, there is only one and that is the Korea of Kim Jong Un… the little fat guy with nuclear bombs for toys!

“Yes, I did say that Trump is wimpier than George Bush, but I do agree with him that Americans should only buy American. This Alex something is luring us into buying Korean.

“I am afraid that there are now more than three declared Muslims in Congress. Remember Obama! He always claimed that he was not a Muslim. Now we have this Alex something… I sniff she is a Muslim… at least a closet Muslim. They are not supposed to drink alcohol. You read her makeup advice and oh wherever alcohol comes, it is all caps, and she says never use anything that has alcohol.

“You know that alcohol is a $239 billion industry, contributing to our economy. Alcohol advertising fuels our sports… NFL… NBA… NHL… you name them. So this communist from New York wants to create doubts about alcohol use by you… by the American women. Can you imagine how many millions of Americans are employed by this industry and how much taxes come from alcohol?

“Ladies of Women’s First America First we stand together against enemies of our beloved American industry. Ladies of Women’s First America First I tell you that this Alex something of New York is definitely a Korean conspiracy.”

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