Imran Khan is Murdering Us

Hairan Harkati of 2K2 News has set up an interview with Syed Khursheed Shah, leader of the Pakistan People’s Party in the National Assembly, to follow up on his statement that the dark clouds of dictatorship are emerging.

Shah offers, “Yes… then what else! It is about three months now and we see not a chink of hope but hopelessness.

“We are being made to feel like corralled animals. Imagine, the condition of those poor who are being questioned for the big deposits in their accounts. Of course, we were not in power since 2013, but did anyone raise these questions.

“Yes, some foreign media reported on things like our co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari going with his children by helicopter to drop in on his 16th century chateau he owns in Normandy. But quite prevailed once he said that the visits to France and the UK were previously scheduled. Of course, consider if your mother dies on the eve of your daughter’s wedding, would your cancel?

“He was also criticized for arriving in Britain in a pair of jeans when we had announced it to be an official visit. And where else would a president stay in London but in a five-star hotel? He is not Imran Khan, who, even after his divorce, used to stay in his former mother-in-law’s house.

“Poor Nawaz Sharif is being questioned for his 25 overseas trips along with 25 to 30 or more friends and family on government account… Nonsense! Do you want you head of state to look like a tourist on budget?”

Harkati puts in a word, “I wanted to discuss your dictatorship claim.”

Shah growls, “Yes, dictatorship! Both of the signatories of the Charter of Democracy… us, and Nawaz Sharif… are being hounded with new accusations every day.

This selected PTI [Pakistan Tehreek-I Insaf] government is working hand in glove with [Supreme Court chief justice] Saqib Nisar and [National Accountability Bureau chairman Justice (retd.)] Javed Iqbal. All this is coming out. One day, Imran Khan’s president, Dr. Arif Alvi says that billions of Pakistani rupees are in Swiss banks and billions of dollars have been sent abroad after being stolen from Pakistan. This mention of Swiss is a direct attack on our chairman, Asif Zardari. And then of course, he says that the corrupt elements need to be probed about their resources.

“And Hairan, no wonder they were holding an international anti-corruption day in the President House. When our leader, Asif Ali Zardari was president, this word ‘corruption’ was never even whispered. We are the ones who redefined corruption!

“And what their partner, Javed Iqbal says that he is determined to make realize the powerful people that they need to answer if they were involved in corruption. Not just that he insinuated that the powerful people have looted this country with both hands, those who were on a 70cc bikes today own huge towers in Dubai.

“Do you realize that it is oblique threat to the leaders of both of our parties, our party and Nawaz Sharif’s.

“Tomorrow, they will raise the issue that how I become a billionaire from a meter reader. Isn’t this an insult to entrepreneurship? Didn’t our beloved leader, Asif Zardari become a multibillionaire starting from the ticket sales window of the Bambino cinema in Karachi! Why are they jealous of entrepreneurs?

“This Javed Iqbal is using the same language that Imran Khan was using from atop his container… he is threatening that those involved in corruption would be held accountable.

“He even insulted the bureaucrats who are obedient to their masters. He said bureaucrats are the government’s servants, and their loyalty should be for the state not with any person. And he even threatened us that a dead tree… referring to NAB… has come back.

“Hairan, I am declaring that we will not let this government function if it keeps pursuing this agenda… the agenda to deprive us of our personal gains!

“Imran Khan had no mind and he has lost whatever he has… Now his NAB has called our little Bilawal too… this is an insult to our immortals… Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir… Our beloved Bilawal is more innocent than a newborn child. He never asks from where and how much enters into any of his accounts anywhere in the world.

“Is everyone jealous because he is one who has been born with a diamond-studded golden spoon in his mouth!

“Our [a former party senator] Farhatullah Babar has rightly described that the step NAB has taken is political agenda. NAB, he said, is just a political arm of the government for its witch-hunt.

“My dear Hairan, please don’t get me wrong when I say ‘witch-hunt’, neither our chairman Asif Zardari, nor our co-chairman Bilawal Bhutto are witches. Of course, only women are witches. They are indeed higher… up above.

“You know how Imran Khan was trying to murder [journalist] Nusrat Javeed! It was Imran Khan who got the rock placed under his tire. Once Hairan, don’t get Nusrat or me wrong, when he tweeted that ‘I am Alice’… no Sir… he was not with Alice. There are no Alices in Nusrat’s life. The truth be told that Nusrat loves our leader Asif Zardari. This why Imran Khan tried to murder him… Come what may, we will never forfeit a penny of what we have taken, we only want you to know that threatening to take our assets tantamount to murdering us, and Imran Khan is murdering us.”

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