Thankless Third World

R. Skeet Petsnout, PhD, professor of international affairs at Randomville University, is discussing the situation in the ongoing war in Afghanistan with Bonnie Fasadstein of FoxTV World Affairs Forum.

Fasadstein initiates her program about the twitter exchange between President Donald Trump, defending his administration’s decision to stop military aid to Pakistan because America is not getting its worth, and the Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan.

Petsnout, “Yep, that is right. Trump is spot on. We had been looking for the al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden since George Bush launched the war after 9/11, and despite all our efforts and the sacrifice of American lives, he slipped into Pakistan.

“Yes, right there you have the liberals… Clinton… Obama. Trump put it squarely that he had pointed him out in his book just before the attack on the World Trade Center. Of course, Clinton famously missed his shot.”

Fasadstein quickly adds, “Of course, he escapes back under some rock!

“Skeet, we go back to our topic of the day, the exchange of tweets between President Trump and Pakistan… I mean, its presi… prime minister, this person I’m… ran… Can… or what you call him.”

Petsnout offers, “Bonnie, yes, this Imran Khan, who I heard came to this office, rising through playing cricket…”

Fasadstein asks, “Skeet, really, a sports person. Of all things, he tells our president that the war in Afghanistan… the War on Terror is not his war but an American war. Really. Doesn’t he remember that George Bush… I mean, W… say that it was with us or against us thing. Is this I’m… ran… Can… challenging us?

“Skeet, just an aside. What is this cricket? I goggled and it seems like an odd form of baseball. I found an article too by Dr. Shoots Gutterberg, director of One America Institute, who says that when the British were in America before we booted them out, they found it hard to connect baseball bats and balls, so one English person, beat an aluminum bat flat and created this paddle like thing called a cricket bat. No wonder that this Pakistan man doesn’t remember that this War on Terror is his war. We are there for the last eighteen years and have spent more than a trillion dollars to bring peace to that country.”

Petsnout steps in, “Yes, Bonnie, these Pakistan people are really an ungrateful lot. Like President Trump tells that we gave Pakistan $1.3 billion a year. He said that we don’t give them anymore because they don’t do anything for us. Sure, this Bin Ladin was so impudent. I mean, what do you do when you move… you give your forwarding address. And what does this Ladin man do? After we bombed him in Afghanistan, he moves to Pakistan, without leaving his forwarding address. Like President Trump said this man was a shadowy figure with no fixed address.


“Bonnie, we had to spend billions of dollars, sacrifice so many American lives to find and kill this guy.

“And here you have this Imran Khan telling our president that the record needs to be put straight because no Pakistani was involved in 9/11… so but Bush made them participate in the War on Terror. Now, this Khan said that Pakistan suffered 75,000 casualties in this war and over one hundred twenty of whatever billion dollars was lost to their economy. And their tribal areas were devastated and millions were uprooted from their homes.

“So what… like as of July this year, there have been 2,372 U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan… yes, Americans. And he is complaining of 75,000 Pakistanis… definitely not Americans.”

Fasadstein continues, “Yes, Skeet, our president is right that this Pakistan country does not do a damn thing for the U.S.

“And this I’m… ran.. Can says Trump’s assertions add insult to the injury Pakistan has suffered… and again calls the War on Terror as America’s war on terror… in terms of lives lost and destabilized and economic costs. What do you say Skeet?”

The professor asserts, “Bonnie, this man has come from a sport which no American will ever play. He is asking that we should do a serious assessment of why, despite 1,40000 NATO troops plus 250,000 Afghan troops and spending a trillion dollars, we are still in Afghanistan.

“Bonnie, the answer is one word, jobs! This trillion has gone into creating American jobs. “It is good that Trump took off all money to Pakistan. This Khan says that Trump needs to be informed about historical facts. Pakistan has suffered enough fighting… again, he says America’s war. Wow, this Khan says that he will do what is best for his people and their interests.

“Bonnie, there is our president making American great again, and there is our five hundred billion dollars Pentagon defending, what they call ‘Pakistan’s vital role in maintaining peace in South Asia’ and saying that it remains a critical partner in our South Asia strategy and there’s been no change to our military-to-military relationship with Pakistan.

“Bonnie, I wouldn’t say that it is America talking. America owes nothing to anyone, especially the thankless third world.”

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