God Saved America

JJ Hoocher, president of the Nationalists Organization of America, and SK “Fudge” Snoutsberger, founder of the Defense of the Second Amendment League, are meeting at their favorite watering hole, The Boar’s Rump, and soon the discussion moves to the subject of the ticker tape running on the bar’s big screen TV.

The ticker reports that the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, set up at the University of Washington by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has issued a report that soaring birth rates in developing nations are fueling a global baby boom while women in dozens of richer countries aren’t producing enough children to maintain population levels there.

Fudge, pushing his glass aside, offers, “JJ did you hear that? They are saying that ninety-one nations, mainly in Europe and North and South America, aren’t producing enough children to sustain their current populations.

“You can bet what liberals must be plotting at this very hour. But in hindsight, it takes away their attention from dismantling our Second Amendment.”

JJ declares, “Fudge don’t be too happy. They are not just working against our Second Amendment but they are also wrecking the country. They can’t wait. They will be calling to scrap our immigrations laws, remove all barriers, and what not so that all those surplus brown and black people can move to America.”

Fudge declares, “You are right JJ. These liberals keep talking about the Bill of Rights but the Second Amendment is its essential part.

“This population drop is dangerous. If the white race disappears the world is finished. It will back to mud huts!

“I would say let them black and brown folks multiply, but as long as they stay there, they can have as many as they like.”

JJ, checking his cell phone, shows Fudge, the just released report by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs that the war on terror has so far killed more than half a million people in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq.

They raise their glasses and voice Hallelujah.

JJ declares, “Fudge it is not as bad as this health thing report is saying. The colored folks are dying! Half a million of those Muslims killed! Whoa! Imagine, all the children they would have had. Phew!

“This is just the number after the 9/11 attack! Mind you, in this report they did not count the people that Israel is killing… the people that the Saudis are killing Yemen. Plus, the report says that the tally does not include all people who have died indirectly as a result of war, including through a loss of infrastructure or disease.

“I would say there is more than hope. If we are not making more kids, then we are also not letting those Muslims multiply!

“I would say that yes, W… George Bush kind of acted badly toward Trump but truly, he has done the white race a great favor by launching this war on terror. Imagine, a world without white people!”

Fudge offers, “JJ, you are so right about W… we should get a petition signed that Trump should take that Nobel Prize from Obama and give it W. What Obama did for the white people? It is time I would say to honor W. By giving W to America, God saved America!”

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