Treat Him Like a Millionaire or In Fact Like a Billionaire that he is, Instead of a Lowlife Thief!

Terra (originally named Tarranum for a Pakistan actress of yester years) Upplaywala of K2 News is talking to Tehmina Durrani, third wife of the thrice-elected and now former chief minister of Punjab and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president, Shahbaz Sharif, who recently visited him at the National Accountability Bureau, where is detained in connection with corruption related investigation.

Durrani, herself a women’s rights activist and author, and head of a NGO, Tehmina Durrani Foundation, is simply appalled at the condition of her husband’s incarceration.

“Terra thank you for inviting me to share what is happening to the real builders of Pakistan. I mean the man who about to complete the Orange Line [in Lahore] is being treated like a domestic servant or a day laborer!

“Isn’t Imran Khan saying that he will build five million homes? What wrong did Shahbaz do? He was building the Ashiana-i-Iqbal housing. So what if he preferred one contractor to the other.

“Terra, you know how it happens… you pick up one lipstick, start applying and change to another shade… like I have my Givenchy Le Rouge collection in all its shades… it is a must to transform any look instantly…

“So Shahbaz changed one contractor for another… Sure there are more contractors in Lahore than the twenty shades of Givenchy Le Rouge. Now NAB says that this switch caused a loss of Rs. 715 million to the public exchequer because this government consultant… Nespak said that the actual cost was supposed to be Rs. 35 million.

“This NAB is soooo mean… they grabbed Fawad Hasan Fawad, who was his brother [prime minister Nawaz Sharif]’s principal secretary and he tattled tales.

“Oh, these private secretaries to higher ups… I know… I was married to one [first husband Anees Khan, governor of Punjab Ghulam Mustafa Khar’s personal security officer].”

“Everyone knows that the PTI [Pakistan Tehree-e Isnaf] government is behind this worse kind of revenge. More than fifty days of their reign and not one bus or train line built!

“But I tell you that now I have greater respect for [late sister-in-law] Kulsoom [Nawaz]. She died before this October 14 bye-elections [to trigger sympathy votes]. See how our [former railways minister] Saad Rafiq… despite the on-going NAB investigation against him, snatched back his seat that Imran had taken from us!”

Terra redirects her to focus on the jail conditions.

“Terra, I am going to march right into [minister for human rights] Shireen Mazari’s office and demand civility.

“Do you know how Norway treats Anders Breivik, the man, who [in 2011] killed 77 people at an island youth camp? He has an apartment in the jail, and among other things, his own PlayStation 2 games console… probably they upgraded it to a more recent PS3.

“Did Shahbaz kill anyone? He is put in a highly secured lock-up inside the NAB Lahore office!

“You know I was married to Governor Khar, and even wrote a book about his odd ways … ‘My Feudal Lord’ … but even his torture were less intense than what Shahbaz is going through… there is no air-conditioning. I mean they are treating him like someone who has stolen a loaf of bread from an upmarket store.

“I held back my tears, he is confined to a dingy ten-by-ten cell with an exhaust fan, and not a crack in the concrete for fresh air or a ray of light! For him there is no concept of day and night.

“He has to draw the jailer’s attention by hitting on the huge lock on his cell’s barred door so he can come, unlock him and lead him to the public toilet, even be it in the middle of the night. Mosquitos are buzzing there. He is not given any newspaper! He is taken for a walk only in the jail corridor.

“There is no privacy. I had to talk to him in the presence of his jailer and investigator.

“Even if he is not the chief minister or the prime minister but he is leader of the opposition in the National Assembly!

“Terry, if they do let him out, I tell you that next they will take him back for violating the Punjab Procurement Regularity Authority rules in the award of contracts in the Saaf Pani [clean water] Company affairs. I mean, he was being a loving father, helping his son-in-law conduct his own business. So what if no one got a drop!

“It is disgusting! All this is happening just because Imran Khan wants to get money from hardworking people instead borrowing from IMF… from this and that.”

Durrani places her designer eyeglasses on, touches her makeup, and arising from the chair, declares, “I mean if you are accusing him of a matter of a few millions or billions then treat him like a millionaire or in fact like a billionaire that he is, instead of a lowlife thief!”

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