Cleanliness Drive is an Anti Peoples Conspiracy

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s launch of the countrywide “Clean and Green Pakistan “in pursuance of his party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s “Green Pakistan” policy enunciated in 100-days Agenda, has considerably irked Sharmila Farooqi, a Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) loyalist who has served as an advisor to the Chief Minister of Sindh.

She was not content with just tweeting that it is “potty training policy!” but also asked and got a high level party meeting called to discuss its long-term affects [fallout on her party].

She has impeccable party-oriented pedigree, not just that her husband has served as his aide to party co-chairman Asif Zardari, but also in 2001, she along with her father Usman Farooqi, a former chairman of Pakistan Steel Mills, embezzled $1.95 billion from the corporation and government of Pakistan. Also, her mother Anisa, entered a plea bargain with the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in April 2001 on account of non-payment of electricity bills worth Rs. 1 million.

When Benazir and Zardari obtained the National Reconciliation Ordinance in 2007, her uncle Salman Farooqi, a close Zardari confidante, too had his corruption cases dropped.

Present at the meeting, sitting at the head of the room, are Zardari, and his children Bilawal, Bakhtawar, and Aseefa. Also present are Sharmila Farooqi,

Syeda Shehla Raza, Sindh minister for women development, and Nafisa Shah, member of the National Assembly and the party’s central information secretary – another party pedigree official, daughter of former Sindh chief minister Qaim Ali Shah.

The meeting convener Sharmila Farooqi explains the dangers linked Imran Khan’s #CleanGreenPakistan campaign to promote nationwide tree plantation and cleanliness.

“Our most beloved and respected leaders will agree that this new Imran Khan initiative spells trouble… indeed troubles. This morning, I already tweeted that it is nothing but a potty training policy.

“It is just the tip of the iceberg. Next comes the ‘Pakistan Cleanliness Movement’, that requires the active involvement of provincial governments and all segments of society in his countrywide cleanliness drive and to raise awareness among the masses. What? I ask… why on earth should we raise awareness about cleanliness? This is a conspiracy against our government… against our party… this is designed to make people demand that we spend on cleanliness in our Sindhi cities. And what authority has he to make our Sindh government do his potty cleaning work? Doesn’t the 18th Amendment give us all powers to do things our way?”

Aseefa immediately seconds, “You said it! This is a conspiracy against our party. Imagine how people who will learn to live in a clean environment vote for us? Soon people like [information minister] Fawad Chaudhry will start shouting that instead of spending so much on the security of our Bilawal House, our government should spend something on cleanliness.”

Sharmila Farooqi quickly adds, “It is a sacrilege to talk about our Kaba… our Bilawal House… the pride of all peoples… I will even give my life defending the sanctity of this house where our queen of martyrs, BB lived… indeed will always live!”

Shahla Raza declares, “We need to stand up to Imran Khan. You are right, he is using this as a prop to insult us. Next you have TV screens showing the trash heaps that abound in Karachi and Hyderabad. They will go hoarse saying that roads and sanitary situation there is at best the worst. There will be no end to it… our honorable water mafia will be defamed.”

“Tell me who has not seen bird droppings on their cars? The trash dumps serve a purpose. Crows love to eat from there and thus fatten and become strong to kill birds, destroy their eggs in nests. The less birds we have, the less likelihood of cars being splattered with bird droppings.

“The other day, I was stepping out of Emerald Tower, and my driver carrying my shopping, I had a lucky escape from being hit by a bird’s gift! Without cleanliness we have enough of this bird thing, imagine what will happen to so many products if we let Imran’s scheme work?

Nafisa Shah, thumping Farooqi’s back, adds, “Sharmila is absolutely right. I am afraid that in response to your marvelous analysis that this is merely potty training, they will say that we need more of it in Sindh where dirt is above bearable limits. Next they will demand cleaning up the Sindh government.”

Finally, Zardari gives his verdict, “You are absolutely right. We should oppose this with all our hearts and souls. Now they have opened another front against [older sister] Faryal [Talpur] that her financial affairs are not clean. All kinds of small things… like she did not mention her Iqama and assets in Dubai. That she set up a company in [her daughter] Aisha’s name in 2002 and hid it all from the ECP [Election Commission of Pakistan] in her nomination papers.

“What is clean government?”

“Our resolve is no cleanliness in Sindh anywhere…cities… villages… politics! We all know that this cleanliness drive is an anti peoples conspiracy.”

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