This is aimed at Killing our Vote Bank

Former president and now a member of the National Assembly Asif Ali Zardari has arranged another meeting at his Islamabad mansion. Present are his children Bilawal, Bakhtawar and Aseefa, his sisters, Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuhu, provincial minister of Sindh for health, population welfare, and Sindh assembly member Faryal Talpur, and advisors, former Senate chairman Raza Rabbani, party secretary-general Farhatullah Babar, who was press secretary during Zardari’s presidency, and Sen. Sherry Rehman, leader of the opposition in the Senate

The former president initiates the conversation, “The way my little princess Aseefa supported me at the bail hearing the other day reminded me of what her mother used to tell me about the work she did at the July 1972 Simla conference, where our Great and Revered Leader and Martyr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto signed the Simla Agreement with India. She said that as instructed by her father, our Pinky would not show any emotion, neither smile, nor frown, nor distress. This, she recalled helped keep the Indian media guessing about what was afoot.

“Really with Aseefa’s help we put up a great show and got that bail!

“Now let us get down to the order of the day. Imran Khan has been in office for a few days and he is making himself a total nonsense for us. I do not like the tone of his Eidul Adha message.

“This man said that in this hour of happiness, the nation should not to forget people who are deprived. And this was not all, next he says, ‘Sacrifice is a universal devotion without which no nation can progress. Sacrifice aims at submitting oneself before the will of Allah.’

“Sherry, you are a journalist, what do you read out of this?

“Of course, the poor or as he says deprived can’t remember people who are like them. We have kept them at a minimum. Eidul Adha was once a year opportunity for them to get their meat fix upon duly showing their Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) card and thank us.

“Sherry, I view it as a frontal attack on us … ones who have the intelligence to know that public service is not free. Aren’t we giving them public service … at least we continue providing public service in Sindh, and we deserve every penny.

“Now I come to this ‘sacrifice’ that Imran talks about. Hasn’t our family sacrificed our Great and Revered Leader and Martyr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto? Haven’t we sacrificed our beloved BB … our Pinky … our Benazir? We truly deserve every form and monetary acknowledgement for these sacrifices. The nation is in perpetual debt to us.

“Indeed, I am absolutely devastated that of all people, imagine … the people of Lyari forgot these sacrifices, did not vote our Bilawal to his birthright seat there. It is a shame. Azra you and your cabinet should make sure that the Lyarians get their proper lesson loud and clear.”

Aseefa interjects, “Dad, you should ask uncle Dr. Asim Hussain … he has this hospital … what they call it … yes, Dr. Ziauddin Hospital … to give you a medical certificate that you suffer from bone spurs. You know President Donald Trump avoided the military draft during the Viet Nam war when his father obtained this bone spurs certificate for him. And you can get one for Didi Faryal too. Then no court can touch you … no need to go for bails!”

The former president flashes his trademark grin and starts again, “My little angel, this is an idea worth exploring. Azra, you are doctor … you never mentioned bone spurs. Why can’t you give us these certificates?

“Now once let us go back to the focus of our immediate concern. Yes, this Eid message from Imran that the in this hour of happiness the nation should not forget people who are deprived.

“Sherry, Raza Rabbani … Farhatullah Babar … just think, if there are no deprived people in the nation, then who will go for the slogan given to us by our Great and Revered Leader and Martyr Zulfikar Ali Bhutto … Roti, Kapra aur Makan … if they have bread … food, clothing, and shelter, then why will they look forward to getting what they already have?

“I wish, today we had a scholar like the one with our Great and Revered Leader … Maulana Kausar Niazi to bless us with a fatwa that no one in their hour of happiness, needs to remember people who are deprived.

“Sherry, Raza Rabbani … Farhatullah Babar consider it as a priority to educate our people because Imran’s Eid message about remembering the deprived is simply aimed at killing our vote bank.”

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