Take the Ball and Run With It

Following the announcement that former president Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur have been asked to appear before a Joint Investigation Team to probe into the Rs. 35 billion money laundering case against them and also before the Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) commercial banking court, his children Bilawal, Bakhtawar and Aseefa are in conference with their father.

“Dad, Imran Khan has yet to take over as prime minister and this has started against our family.

“It seems that Uncle Nawaz Sharif acted according to your advice and now he has been transferred to the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) as they are saying that he has developed serious cardiac complications … I hope they don’t find any excuse to send him back to jail.” chimed Bakhtawar.

The heir anointed, Bilawal declared, “Dad, I must say that we are lucky being in a country when the army and intelligence agency are not too efficient.

“Rigging they did, but look at the results! They could give only Imran Khan 115 seats in the National Assembly and a hundred and what in the Punjab Assembly. Even after adding the reserve seats, he has been obliged to seek coalition partners.

“It is really so encouraging to see how everyone is questioning the fairness of the elections. The latest is that the United States government has endorsed the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan’s concerns about flaws in the pre-voting electoral process. The United States also declared that it concurs with the conclusions of the European Union Election Observation Mission about the elections.

“With all this going, it is good that you and your sister refused to appear before the FIA. The world understands that we are the grieved party.”

His younger sister, Aseefa was quick to add, “They are the nastiest! First they snatched the rulership from the Sharif family and us, the only ones with the governance genes in the country, and now they are trying to lock you up and auntie Faryal. Ha ha … lock you up … they will have to build an additional luxury wing at PIMS then. God forbid if they succeed in their evil desire, the three of us will approach the courts that the premises in custody for you should be serviced only by Marriott or Movenpick hotels.”

Her brother intervenes, “Aseefa, no need to worry, the media is ours. But I say hats off to the Taseers, their Daily Times has not let off their attacks on Imran Khan …”

Bakhtawar quick adds, “Yes, the Taseers are superb, but see Dawn, Express Tribune, The News … they all are doing a great job in hitting at the election process and of course at Imran Khan. The liberals of Pakistan are our strength.”

The father speaks, “You know I keep reminding everyone that politics is the art of the impossible. We have Sindh under us … it was never going anywhere … The Sindhis are too meek to decide anything else. We have an able chief minister in Syed Murad Ali Shah … pliant is a mild tribute for him. The three of you must know that our income from Sindh will continue undisturbed. They money routes to Switzerland will remain open … the overseas real estate activity will keep humming …”

Aseefa interjects, “Dad, this real estate thing reminds me that of late I have been reading tweets questioning the basis that Uncle Riaz Malik gave us the $40 million house in Lahore, the Bilawal house. I see that this is unsafe. I am sure these are Imran Khan junkies who are trying to question us. First they started with attacks on you …”

Zardari responds, “My dear children, they can do nothing to us. You know that the United States Senate Banking Committee did hearings on my money transfers … they called it money laundering.

“It is preposterous! What came out of this Senate hearing? Zilch. We are as welcome to America as ever… our money is welcome.”

Bilawal quickly adds, “Yes, we are untouchable but we do need to create the ring of steel around us. Dad, first thing is that we should get that lobbying firm in Washington, D.C. that you employed to get the NRO pardon from Gen. Musharraf working for us again. And of course the public relations firm too. We need to take the ball and run with it when that State Department statement is so clear. Do you know what I mean by ‘take the ball and run’? It is the same thing like some say strike the iron while it is hot. We have to continue the activity that the United States, the European Union, the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, and our and international media has started … we will get the lobbying firm to make it work: tarnish the elections and destabilize anyone not born with the genes to rule.”

Zardari hugs his son, “Yes, my kids we are taking the ball and running with it.”

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