Return Our Birthrights

The still heavy-hearted Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari met the press July 27 in Karachi.

He declared: “Free and fair elections are every Pakistani’s right and on that front we are not willing to compromise.

“It is shame that a person with zero governance genes is being made the prime minister of Pakistan. Was Imran Khan’s father ever in politics? Did his father ever contest and win even a union council seat? I demand genetic tests for ruling rights!

“You know my pedigree. My grandfather, my paternal grandfather Hakim Ali Zardari was elected to the National Assembly in 1972, 1988 and 1993. My real grandfather, my maternal grandfather, the nation’s greatest hero …

“Let me remind you that if our greatest hero … our nation’s first and greatest martyr, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had not created this Pakistan, we should have been nowhere near power. East Pakistan with its numbers would have dominated the scene forever! All of us would have been speaking Bengali.

“Obviously Punjab has forgotten the debt that it owes to our greatest hero and has given his party less than a handful of seats. In a united Pakistan, there would not have been a prime minister from the Punjab. In fact, neither my grandfather, nor my mother would have become prime ministers.

“Yes, there would have been no Nawaz Sharif … nor Maryam Safdar as an aspiring prime minister.

All of us owe it to our nation’s first and greatest martyr, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

“Our party has reigned in Karachi for three decades. But even Karachi did not live up to its honor. The Lyari seat was my birthright. Our nation’s sublime and unforgettable leader, my mother, Benazir Bhutto started her electoral career, winning from this constituency. My father, our country’s first full-term president and co-chairman of our party, Asif Ali Zardari held this seat. What Lyari did? I was placed third, yes, third after the nominee of this party formed yesterday, the Tehreek-Labbaik Pakistan, when a nominee of Imran Khan won this seat. It is a shame!

“My father is very strong about women rights. Besides Lyari, he also nominated me from Malakand and Larkana, because after taking three, he wanted Bakhtawar and Aseefa to take one each. Of course, like me, they too have the ruling genes. But Lyari and Malakand have let us down, especially my sisters. But my father will not give up. We will evaluate two safe seats, compensate their holders with sufficient permits, licenses and contracts, and give my sisters what is their birthright.

“You know what happened to my uncle Murtuza’s widow Ghinwa. She always claimed that her son, and that too named as Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Jr., was the only true heir to our hereditary right, and only one entitled to rule Pakistan. However, do not forget, Bhutto Junior or not, my cousin’s genes are not pure. His mother Ghinwa is after all of Lebanese-Syrian origin. Thankfully he has moved to California to pursue art and dancing … it is a matter of genes. His mother was a ballet dancer.

“I have never said that to rule Pakistan is my and my sisters’ exclusive birthright. Yes, there is our sister Maryam Safdar and there is Hamza Shahbaz, and even Junaid Safdar. But as my father has said that we have to take turns. We have to keep the two party system. You see how beautifully the two party system works in America. The voters have no choice, but to vote Republican or Democrat. It saves so much time and effort. Especially in a low education country like ours … and we have to keep it that way … it was a nightmare, in some constituencies, the voters were going around circles to find and stamp their choice. Imagine the amount of paper that has ben wasted and of course has been saved and stored. In a bipartisan system, it could have been like a postcard, PPP and PML-N.

“My father, in his capacity as co-chairman of the party is talking to Uncle Shahbaz Sharif. Not only that, he will accompany him to discuss the issues with Uncle Nawaz at Adiala jail.

“The British and American media have done and are doing an excellent job in keeping alive doubts about Imran Khan’s election, especially the narrative of his being the military’s handpicked candidate.

“We appreciate this help. The British, especially know my family and the Sharif family’s contributions to their real estate and financial sectors. They know that Imran has not done any such thing, nor is he capable of spreading such largesse.

“We will welcome cooperation from any quarter to establish our families’ birthright. We have a great friend in Maulana Fazlur Rehman, when he participated under his banner and now under Mutahidda Majlis-e Amal banner.

“The honorable maulana is sufficiently bearded to make claims against Imran Khan’s character and loyalty. We will never let him down by way of licenses and permits and foreign jaunts.

“I want to reiterate that we want the return of our birthrights – the birthrights of the Bhutto-Zardaris and the Sharifs. We ask the Election Commission of Pakistan to recognize that we alone have the genes to rule Pakistan,” asserted Bilawal Zardari.

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