The Land of Liberty Calls

The election results flashing on TV screens are just too depressing for the former president, Asif Zardari and his three children, Bilawal, Bakhtawar, and Aseefa. Equally concerned are his sisters Faryal Talpur and Dr. Azra Fazal Pechuho, and their husbands Mir Munawar Ali Talpur, and husband Fazalullah Pechacho. Both of the sisters are on the priority list to get elected.

Aseefa spoke out first, “Dad, you have seen and all of Pakistan has seen, how poor Uncle Nawaz Sharif and his sons Hasan and Husain were treated by those hooligans in London … I’m sure they must have been sent by Imran Khan.”

“And what about the poor ailing Uncle Ishaq Dar … they made a video of a healthy him walking briskly in London and now the court in Pakistan wants to base their judgment on it,” added Bakhtawar.

“These brutes have no respect. Imagine, they were kicking the doors of the Sharifs’ Avenfield House. Don’t they know it is a multimillion pound property … I mean it is Park Lane! Sacrilege indeed!” angrily expressed Aseefa.

“I think it is all Uncles Nawaz and Shahbaz’s fault because they kept on telling Imran Khan to wait for his turn and now the voters have delivered on their promise,” said Bakhtawar.

“Azra, I need to accept the blame. In your capacity as a medical professional, I should have asked you to lead the education of people about the role genes play in leadership.

“Yes, it is late but we are still in power in Sindh and we need to implement this much needed education about genes,” murmured Asif Zardari.

“Dad, we have seen what Imran Khan has done to Uncle Nawaz and his daughter Maryam even before he got into government, and we know he has never stopped threatening to make an example out of you.

“Now with the mess the voters have given us, you will have Imran Khan as prime minister forming a government without any allies. This will only embolden him more to attack anyone in sight, and Dad, we are never away from his sight,” said an overtly concerned Aseefa.

“Dad, it is really a pity that I lost in Lyari. You have told us so many times that when our mother made her electoral debut from this area in 1988, almost all candidates contesting against her got their security bonds confiscated in the polls.

“Dad this seat was my birthright!” a tearful Bilawal blurts as sisters Bakhtawar, and Aseefa rush to hug him.

“Yes, my son you are absolutely right. In 1990, Lyari was the only seat that PPP won from Karachi and it was I who won the seat bagging 54,308 votes. And now our Bilawal didn’t get even 20,000 votes there.

“Yes, my children, it is shameful. In the last assembly, the leader of the opposition was ours … our great Khurshid Shah. Now with more seats than us, Shahbaz Sharif will not let go of this position.

“Our Pakistani people have no respect for the sacrifices made by our great and beloved leaders, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and your mother. In India, you see, yes, in India, Congress is not in government, but Rahul Gandhi – the person with ruling genes, like the three of you, is leader of the opposition in the lower house. What a shame in Pakistan.

“I am seriously inclined to believe what Assefa just said about an emboldened Imran Khan attacking anyone in sight, and we are never away from his sight.

“Already this money laundering case … Faryal you are on six day bail against a surety of Rs. 2 million and your passport is held by them,” offered a morose Asif Zardari.

“Dad, I would say that I am youngest in the family but I sense bad days ahead, but we are thankful to you that you have kept all your assets overseas.

“I already told you that what these Pakistanis … I mean these Imran Khan goons did with Uncle Nawaz’s family. I don’t think that London is either safe, or comfortable for us. We should move to France, where there will be no Imran Khan rowdies to disturb us.

“Oh why … Oh why didn’t Jemima keep him in London … just to cause us trouble?

“Of course, we will live in our Manoir de la Reine Blanche (Manor of the White Queen), our 16th-century chateau in Le Mesnil-Lieubray, which was built for the widow of King Philippe VI.

“And when we desire a change from Normandy, we can always have go cross-country to our house in Cannes … the French Riviera has its own joys,” suggested Aseefa.

“You are right, your grandfather, Hakim Ali Zardari, was a regular summer visitor there. Yes, France the land of liberty calls,” declared Zardari.

“Wow … we are leaving tonight. O land of liberty here we come … finally to enjoy the real croissants … at last free from Karachi’s fake pastry!

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