You Have to Know Corruption to Control Corruption

Malik Bulund Awaz, editor-in-chief of Cheekh TV, is interviewing Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) president Maulana Fazal ur Rehman, also known as Mufti Fazl ur Rehman. He is also leader of the Jamait Ulema-e-Islam.

“You are the present past chairman of the Parliamentary Special Committee on Kashmir. This is one of the most important parliamentary bodies, and its head enjoys the status of a federal minister in Pakistan.”

“Yes. Indeed I am the most deserving parliamentarian for this job. We have been supporting Kashmiris since day one but at the moment we are not strong enough to ask any other state to favor us in the issue.

“You may be able to recall that I surprised the Indian media when I said that the Simla Agreement of 1972 could be the guiding principle for the Kashmir problem.

“In this and other parliamentary positions, I have traveled to many countries in Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East, and Asia and I have also represented Pakistan in the UN General Assembly,” said Fazal ur Rehman.

“But … but Simla Agreement … when we want the UN to arrange a plebiscite in Indian Occupied Kashmir, a stance that India adopted under two UN Security Council resolutions when it sought peace with Pakistan in 1948,” asked Bulund Awaz.

“Yes … but it doesn’t hurt to get invited by India to the summer resort of Simla. I always say the right thing for the right moment that amounts to something for me.

“You know how the United States loves to sell its arms.

“This is why I strongly supported the purchase of F-16s from the United States, and also other American military equipment. I was only protesting against importing American consumer goods … they are nothing but ‘Made in China’ stuff.

“I know that now the United States is trying to hand out the production of F-16s to India but then the jets were made in the United States.

“Of course there was no harm in visiting their facilities in Fort Worth, which you know is a twin city of Dallas like Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

“You tell me how many would have fancied visiting Moscow of Soviet era or Beijing of the Mao era? This is why I have always said that our country’s defense requirements could best be met from the American market … nice cities, top class hotels and amazing shopping,” declared Fazl-ur-Rehman.

“You have taken some radical positions. You flaunted your MMA’s stand and supported Benazir Bhutto’s government … especially when your father was the only one to defeat her father, ZA Bhutto,” asked Buland Awaz.

“You see I always take positions that matter. See I was only 46 when I took the stand for Benazir. She rewarded me with permits for exporting diesel from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Fair enough. We both made our own money.

“The late Benazir also rewarded me by making me Chairman of the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee and asked the Inter-Services Intelligence to place a large amount from its secret fund at my disposal during my travels abroad. During her second term as Prime Minister, I spent more time abroad than in Pakistan.

“So what if people like Imran Khan call me Maulana Diesel but I made the money and that is all what matters.

“I had issues with General Zia’s martial law, but through my madrassas, I provided foot-soldiers to the American-funded jihad in Afghanistan against the then Soviet Union. The important thing here was to keep American funds flowing into our schools.

“And during the Musharraf era, I had my landed property piling up.

“For more than twenty years, Imran Khan has been repeating the same thing that he stands for the eradication of corruption” … the Maulana guffaws and adds, “oh really!

“Malik Bulund Awaz now you tell me that how Imran Khan will be able to deal with corruption? Does he have any experience doing corruption?

“Has he ever served in a government position? There is my friend Asif Zardari who started with a share in a Karachi cinema house and has built an enviable real estate portfolio overseas. There is my friend Nawaz Sharif who has built his and his family’s fortunes. What has Imran Khan to his credit … I mean what has he made through corruption! Zilch!

“You have to accept the reality that you have to know corruption to control corruption. While look at my record, I have made money any way one can. This is why I will repeat myself that you have to know corruption to control corruption.”


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