Hating Arabs is not Anti-Semitic

JJ Snoutstein and Sly Vohmitberg who run the ‘Morning with the S&V’ radio talk show on on WSHIT Radio are worried that some people are raising the issue that the hate of Arabs is also anti-Semitic because they are a Semitic people too.

They have lined up a list of experts to express themselves on this issue.

Sarah Palin, former governor Alaska and a former vice-presidential candidate, is the first.

“Governor Palin, you may have heard that there is conspiracy to brainwash people that hating Arabs is also anti-Semitic because they are a Semitic people too.”

“Really! This is AWFUL … must be those liberals behind this terrible thing. Is this started by Bernie Sanders? Oh, how I wish, Donald had taken me as vice president. I would be there right now making him sanction this crazy thing.

“But wait a minute. Isn’t Bernie Jewish? Is he a self-hating Jew to initiate such an awful thing?

“Now JJ you tell me how can anyone call the Ayeraabs as Semitic when they don’t speak the Israeli language? I have been to Israel a few times and have seen all those signs and the Israeli language is nowhere like Arabic.

“O Sly do you know what the Ayeraabs eat? A rabbi told me that Jewish people aren’t supposed to eat hindquarters of animals, even those done kosher style. But I was once in a doctor’s office, and I picked up magazine and there I saw a photo of some Ayerraab food, and it was roasted lamb leg. So … so how can the Ayerrabs be Semitic when they are eating legs of lamb?

“To me it smells rotten like what this Sacha Baron Cohen did to me posing as a military veteran to draw me into an interview for his new show … JJ are you sure, it is not this guy behind this awful thing? I am sure that this guy is a self-hating Jew too.

“For me, the Jews are God’s chosen people. So if they are saying that only they are Semitic so only anyone hating the Jews … err, the Jewish can be anti-Semitic.

“No JJ, we can’t let it pass. Tomorrow the African Americans or Blacks or whatever … the N word you call them will start saying that they are Semitic and hating them is being anti-Semitic. I can’t take it. We have to shoot this down like I shoot vermin!”

“Governor Palin, we are told that the anthropology of that era gave the name “Semitic” – from the Hebrew “Shem,” one of Noah’s sons – to a family of languages that included Hebrew, Arabic, Assyrian and Phoenician; and labeled members of groups that spoke these languages as Semites,” said Sly Vohmitberg.

“Sly, now I am getting near that … I am getting very close to the culprit behind this conspiracy to declare that the hate of Arabs is also anti-Semitic because they are a Semitic people too. You know this man Clooney … he married a woman from Lebanon. I was flying to Mesa in Arizona last week to address the beautiful conservative club there who call themselves ‘Don’t Mesa With Me’ … and this guy sitting in the next seat to me started talking to me and he said that there are the Phoenician people in Lebanon. I asked him really in Lebanon, but where is Lebanon because I heard this name in New Hampshire, Oklahoma, North Dakota and Kentucky, but never in Russia. So he said, no not in an American Lebanon but the original Lebanon in the Middle East. I was about to ask that we have a Midwest so where does this Middle East come from, when they started announcing the landing.

“This is I am sure … this new thing about Ayeraabs being Semitic must have been started by this Clooney’s wife from Lebanon.

“Just like hating anyone not white is not wrong, exactly hating Ayeraabs is not anti-Semitic,” growled Palin punching the flower vase off its stand.

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