What did I say that was wrong?

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is blistering with anger as he gathers the team that is closest to him, which includes his daughter Maryam.

“I have been told by my psychiatrist in London that there is something called IQ to measure the intelligence level … I mean the mental level of a person. Now, all of you see that in Pakistan people have very low IQ.

“Look, instead of considering the tongue … the words … of Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, who has been prime minister three times, they are listening to my little brother, Shahbaz, who has only been chief minister of Punjab two times!

“This is really sad. Why did I let him become PML-N president? My Maryam here would have been perfect! Look what he does. First he issues a statement that the news report had ‘incorrectly attributed certain remarks to PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif, which do not represent PML-N’s party policy’. And then that statement says that he ‘rejects all assertions, direct or implied, made in the news report of Dawn [newspaper]’.

“I think that Shahbaz is in too much of a hurry to become prime minister. He is trying to have a good face for himself. Although, I am more handsome than him, but if he is really concerned about showing a good face, he should start using ‘Fair&Lovely’ – I am told that all the actresses in India are using this cream.

“Then you have Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. He is forgetting that instead of making my Maryam as Prime Minister, I made him Prime Minister, so now he is making the clarification that the statement of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was ‘misinterpreted’ in the media.

“Thankless people! In their greed to take up my seat, they are saying things that are making people think that I am not a patriot. I think they are being unfair to Nawaz Sharif. He is not ghaddar, which is called traitor in English. But I am a total muhib-e-watan, which they call ‘patriot’ in English.

“I told Dawn that there is no shortage of evidence – there is plenty of evidence. I have all the evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in Mumbai terrorist attack. The courts must get that evidence from Nawaz Sharif and prosecute the case against the accused attackers and those who allowed the non-state actors to go to Mumbai and kill 150 people. When Modi came to my house on December 27, 2015, even then I told him about the problems being created by Bollywood’s poor casting system. They have made everyone think that they can be actors.

“Because no one is asking Nawaz Sharif how Pakistan is a terrorist country and because of this Pakistan is being isolated in the world.

“What did I say that was wrong?

“I demand that a national commission be made to determine who has actually committed treason.

“If I am actually a traitor or anti-national, come and form a national commission.

“I will be there, and those who call me a traitor should also be there, so that the 220 million people of Pakistan can see who is the actual culprit… whoever is found guilty of treason should be hanged publicly.

“Because no one wants to hear from the three time Prime Minister of Pakistan, I am going to call Narindra Modi. You know just like Bill Clinton, he is a good friend of mine. Even more than that, Modi came to my house, Jati Umra and attended the wedding Maryam’s daughter! He is a good man.

“I am going to call Modi and share with him that all the Mumbai attacks were done by people who were upset with Bollywood for not giving a chance to their son or daughter. But what is big in this … not being an actor? I was a cricket player, but neither Hasan, nor Husain got selected for Pakistan cricket team. Did I mind?

“When I will tell this to Bollywood thing to Modi, his eyes will open, and then I will ask him, ‘What did I say that was wrong?’”

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