No One Appreciates the Hard Work of Nawaz Sharif

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has assembled his defense/attack brigade of Abid Sher Ali, Minister of State for Water and Power, and son of his wife Kulsum’s sister; Khawaja Saad Rafique, Minister for Railways; Khawaja Muhammad Asif, Minister of Defense and Minister of Water and Power; Marriyum Aurangzeb, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting; and party parliamentarian Daniyal Aziz Choudhry.

The visibly perturbed head of government sets aside his morning glass of khoya-topped lassi, and addresses the assembled.

“If it was not enough that Imran Khan is baying for the blood of the most development-minded Prime Minister of Pakistan, and some of these foolish journalists who won’t accept the envelopes our Marriyum Aurangzeb is so kindly sending them every month, now it is Khaleej Times talking about my job in Dubai Capital FZE in Jebel Ali Free Zone, which I was doing until 2014 when the company was dissolved.

“Also, no one is remembering that our lawyer Khawaja Harris Ahmed told the Supreme Court that my son Hassan was the owner of Capital FZE.

“Such nonsense! Even private family affairs are not respected.

“Surely because of the jealously for the big development going on in this country, no one is paying attention that Khalifa bin Huwaidan, lawyer and legal advisor at the firm, who was consulted by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) confirmed that my job there was according to the labor laws of Dubai and the 100 per cent legal status of job contract, where all employees have to receive a salary through a bank account under the UAE’s Wage Protection System. I was not like the thousands of illegal workers, the kind whom even President Trump hates.

“We know that this Imran Khan has to put his nose in my work everywhere. I am told that he tweeted, ‘Final nail in the coffin of Nawaz’s rule as Dubai-based firm verifies that Nawaz Sharif was an employee of a UAE company till 2014 which was never declared by him’.

“What final nail? What coffin? Does he know that we do not bury people in boxes like they do in England, America, and Europe? This Imran Khan will not stop talking nonsense about me.

“And I am told that Pervez Musharraf tweeted: ‘Confirmation by Khaleej Times. Nawaz Sharif is a source of shame for Pakistan!’

“Ha ha ha … so who is talking about shame! Pervez Musharraf!

“Everyone one …”

Khawaja Saad Rafique interjects, “My beloved Prime Minister, not everyone, only those who are jealous of our Lion, our beloved Nawaz Sharif!”

“Thank you Saad … so these people are only talking about Nawaz Sharif doing another job while being Prime Minister.

“Now this child Bilawal son of Asif Zardari is also copying Imran and saying that Nawaz Sharif should resign.

“Ha ha ha … We need to tell this child … the boy Bilawal that when his father, Asif Zardari was First Man, when his mother Benazir was Prime Minister in 1993, Zardari served as Federal Investment Minister and was Chairperson of Pakistan Environmental Protection Council in her second administration.

“So Asif Zardari was doing two jobs both time when his wife was Prime Minister! And his child is giving advice to the third time Prime Minister of Pakistan!

“Everyone is looking at Nawaz Sharif! When Nawaz Sharif is only working for his own family just like President Donald Trump who is working for his own family. Because it is America, no one is talking about Mr. Trump doing so many jobs while being President!”

Danyal Aziz itching for a ministerial post, declares, “My beloved Mian Sahib, you are overlooking the job that Asif Zardari was doing in the business of accumulating real estate in England, France, USA, and Dubai. You know how hard your sons Hussain and Hassan work in accumulating real estate in Mayfair section of London alone!”

“See our Danyal has spoken rightly. Asif Zardari was doing more than two jobs besides being the First Man of Pakistan.

“Now let us ask Imran Khan about his not two but three jobs. Everyone knows that Imran was captain of Pakistan cricket team. On top of that he was a batsman, that is job number two, and also the attack bowler, which was job number three. He is all the time talking about history. So everyone needs to ask him about holding not two but three jobs at the same time!”

Hopeful Daniyal Aziz rushes in his wisdom again, “My beloved Prime Minister let me tell the truth: No one appreciates the hard work of Nawaz Sharif!”

Finally, a smile appears on the Prime Minister’s countenance, he moves his glass of lassi towards him and does bottom up, and declares, “Indeed! No one appreciates the hard work of Nawaz Sharif!”

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