Matricide will push India to Doom

Immediately upon learning of Indian Supreme Court Chief Justice Jagdish Singh Khehar’s judgment of July 11 that suspended a government order that had banned the trade of cattle for slaughter, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath rushed his call to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

My Netaji, my Prime Minister, this Jagdish Singh wants to leave a legacy … this is a universal problem with firsts  Khehar as the first Sikh Chief Justice of India wanted to leave his legacy … firsts … firsts … see how Barak Obama … the first African American president … the secret first Muslim president … left his legacies that India’s true friend, Donald Trump is dismantling.

“Praised be the gods … Brahma, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Vishnu, Shiva, Durga, Harihara and Ardhanarishvara that this Sikh is only there till September 13. Western people consider Number 13 as unlucky but indeed this Number 13 will be India’s lucky day!

Modiji, you will be pleased to know that immediately upon learning about this hurtful Khehar verdict, I issued an executive order, adding to my official designation, my temporal authority with my religious authority as Mahant … head priest of the Gorakhnath Math, I declared that buffaloes are our maternal aunt, albeit of black hue, whereas the cows are our Mother.

“Thus should blunt this Sikh’s dastard act!

“Is this Khehar aiming for a political career after retirement that he is saying that the livelihoods of people cannot be subjected to uncertainties. It is being said that the Supreme Court has given relief to the multi-billion dollar beef and leather industries that employ millions of poor workers.

“What poor workers, Modiji! It is known even to the dumbest Indian that it is mostly Muslims who run the meat and leather sectors. Are we obliged to them?

“Did our Attorney General is Shri Venugopal tell this Khehar that in May, our government had decreed that animal markets could only trade cattle for agricultural purposes, such as ploughing and dairy production. Wasn’t this relief for the poor sections of our society enough? Has Khehar seen poor people ploughing their lands with tractors or with bullocks?

“Did Shri Venugopal tell this Khehar that the order also banned the slaughter of camels, which is the state animal of Rajasthan. Camels are the ship of the deserts of Rajasthan. The villagers inside desert area keep camels as domestic animals and earn their livelihood through this animal. So Modiji, you had given relief after relief to the poor, and still Khehar had to give his own relief.

“Modiji, you love to be called pro-business but it is this sector that is poisoning this purely religious issue. They are saying India annually exports $4 billion worth of meats. So dollars are more sacred than our Mother!

“What is $4 billion? Our IT industry could easily turnover more than $8 billion annually through scams. It is an Indian who did the fantastic Internal Revenue scam in the U.S. from India to cash $300 million from Americans in just one tax season! Why do we need to commit matricide for American dollars!

“Modiji, this matricide is a Sikh-Muslim conspiracy. You recall how Pakistan intelligence service … ISI … was supporting the Khalistan movement. It is payback by Khehar! Even though Benazir exposed this to Rajiv Gandhi and brought an end to this problem. I heard that Benazir had a soft corner for our Rajivji – handsome as he was, especially as compared to Asif Zardari who has no personality!

“Indeed, Modiji, indeed, we should install a statue of Benazir Bhutto because it was she who sent her interior minister Aitzaz Ahsan with the list of Sikhs who were waging war against India.

Jai Hind, this conspiracy was defeated but I suspect that some old-timers like this Khehar still feel obligated to Muslims.

“Please let me digress. While we are at it, Modiji, you should declare Gao Sanrakshan … cow protection force as a unit of our Indian Army. They can be armed as our forces are armed in Kashmir.

“Modiji, it makes my blood boil when I read Khehar’s order that ‘the livelihood of people should not be affected by this’. I ask what people, which people! Are Muslims people? When Israel was being created it was said that the slogan that the founding fathers used for Palestine was ‘A land without a people for a people without a land’. We have it documented in Anita Shapira’s book published by Oxford University Press in 1992 that Zionists used this slogan at the end of the nineteenth, and the beginning of the twentieth century. The rest is history. Great Britain accepted the fact that Muslims are not people, and Palestine is a bare unpopulated land. So on what authority did Khehar talk about affecting ‘people’.

“Apparently, Shri Venugopal did not cite such facts.

“Modiji, mother is mother. We should immediately file a review. We should not allow matricide to stand. Matricide will push India to doom. Jai Hind.”

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