Lions Have Strong Loins

The First Daughter, Maryam Safdar … oops Maryam Nawaz has returned to the Prime Minister’s House after facing the Supreme Court appointed Joint Investigation Team.

The city of Islamabad is breathing easier as the 15-vehicle protocol for her journey to the court had brought traffic to a standstill.

Her mother, Kulsum, who had been standing at the door with a copy of the Quran in her hand, quickly raised her hand so she may pass under the Book’s blessings.

The First Lady hollered for the head servant, “Sultan, ask the entire kitchen staff to come to me.”

Within seconds, the First Lady started passing her instructions.

“Bashiraan, quickly make sattu with a touch of rosewater. My dear girl had to go out in this heat and face those terrible little people … those Grade 19 … 20 people.”

The Prime Minister interjected, “Why sattu, I think that lassi is best.”

“Mian Sahib, lassi lassi … you and your lassi! I am the mother, I know better. You know that sattu sherbat is made with roasted gram flour and it is the most healthy summer drink.”

Now it is brother Husain Nawaz’s turn to offer his view, “Dear Mother, I would give her Lucozade. We have Lucozade. I brought several cases of it with me.”

“Hussain, you can drink your Locozade in London but Maryam is refreshing her energy with sattu sherbet!” the mother commanded.

She continued, “Zaman Khan, make chicken soup for Maryam Bibi, with carrots, beets, and parsley. Maryam Bibi needs to regain her strength.

“Mian Sahib, uff … what is going on in this country? You keep repeating that you are the third time Prime Minister of Pakistan and here the Supreme Court has the impudence of getting my girl Maryam dragged before a bunch of little people!

“I wish that it was 1997 … I wish that Mushahid Hussain was still with us … a few hockey sticks would have set these judges on the right path.

“So my sweet darling what did these little people do to you? I would have liked your Papa and myself to accompany you … at least me, if not your Papa!

“These little people … no respect for ladies … no thought about Islamic rules … calling a girl all alone! Uff … uff …

“Oh yes, Shakira, go and ask Zaman Khan to make goat chops too for Maryam Bibi.”

The Prime Minister interjects again, “Kulsum, I would rather give her siri-paya, you know these cow feet and brain are the best source of energy.”

“Uff … Mian Sahib, you and your siri-paya! Safdar my son, ask Malikaan to bring a warm water foot-bath for my girl Maryam.

“Every day these little people are troubling my children.”

The Prime Minister places his loving hand over his daughter’s head and asks, “So now what were these little people asking you?

“I know that it is terrible. In India, Tata has a steel mill and no one is asking Mr. Tata about it. My Abbaji started a steel mill and everyone … in fact this silly Imran Khan keeps questioning our business … our Abbaji was business magnate and making money is in our genes. So what did they ask, my sweet girl?”

“O my dear Mother and my dear Father, I told them that my name is not in the Supreme Court order but I am here as Pakistan’s daughter, a sitting Prime Minister’s daughter.”

She takes a big sip of ice-cold sattu sherbet and continues.

“I told them that more than 500 names are mentioned in the Panama Case, but only the Sharif family is being targeted. I told them that my family … the Sharif family is being maligned because my father, Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, the third time Prime Minister of Pakistan is building all these historic projects like Orange Line, which will shake the foundations of old and useless structures like Chauburji.

“They asked about Mayfair property. I said yes when I go for shopping at Harrods so where else should I stay at some hotel like Claridges or with my own brothers Hasan and Hussain. I told them that in our family there is no politics among us. I said for example, both of Hussain’s wives, Saira and Abla, love me like their own sister.”

Her parents immediately hug her: “Yes, indeed, the Sharif loves each other. We do everything for us!”

Maryam Nawaz continues, “They were asking about Panama. I said that I was pulled into the Dawn Leaks too, because they tried to pressurize my father by using women of his family..

“I said that Pakistan is not Iceland that a Prime Minister should resign about Panama.”

Mother Kulsum interrupts, “Yes. Shameless low-born, little people!”

Maryam continues, “They said not Dawn Leaks, we want to hear about Panama. So I told them that yes, I know where is Panama. And my uncle, Mian Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif, who is second time chief minister of Punjab always wears a Panama hat when he goes to meet the public.”

Her parents hug her again, “Maryam you gave excellent answers. Remember that Allah tells us, ‘Verily, with hardship there is relief’ (Qur’an 94:6). In time, a day will come that you will be Prime Minister of Pakistan.”

Her mother, interjects, “Mian Sahib, before that you should appoint her as foreign minister. She has more designer sunglasses and purses than Hina Rabbani Khar who used to be Zardari’s foreign minister.”

“Kulsum you don’t worry, authority is in our genes. If Hussain and Hasan want they too can be Prime Ministers in their turn from their Mayfair residences,” the Prime Minister assures his wife.

“We all know that Panama is a canal and like water flowing in a canal this Panama case created by Imran Khan will also float away. Remember ‘Verily, with hardship there is relief’ … Imran Khan should not forget that I used bat against him without wearing a helmet. He should know that lions have strong loins,” he adds.

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