Unbelievably unIslamic

Even without the aid of prescription eyeglasses, one can discern that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is not in the best of his spirits.

On any other day, the khoya-topped glass of lassi that receives no quarter has remained untouched although it is early noon.

The Prime Minister has summoned Sardar Muhammad Yousaf, the federal Minister of Religious Affairs to discuss the utterly and unbelievably unIslamic action of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT).

“Even calling the third time Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan before the JIT … I could bear that.

“I could bear the pain inflicted upon my two boys, Hussain and Hasan.

“Hussain has appeared five times before them and Hasan twice already. Now this JIT … what should I say … little people … grade 20 … 21 officers … again calling Hasan on July 3 and Hussain on July 4.

“And worst of all they are calling my girl, Maryam on July 5.

“Imagine a female person from a high family … the elder girl of the third time Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan being asked to come before the court … this creation of the Supreme Court!

“Even in 20T cricket games, they space the matches … but no, JIT is doing my children on 3, 4, and 5 July.

“Sardar Sahib do you think that these grade 20 … 21 people were concentrating on their Eid prayers? Perhaps not. When the imam was reading the prayers, they were only thinking how they could insult the family of the third time Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

“These little people have been after my family … they call Shahbaz Sahib, the second time chief minister of Punjab, the most magnificent province of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. They called Safdar … poor boy … only he is married to my dear girl, Maryam.

“These little people did not spare even our great finance minister, Ishaq Dar Sahib … why … only because one of his sons is married to my other girl, Asma.

“Now next you will hear they will call Asma too.

“I am sure these little people on JIT thought about my girl, Maryam, when they saw her standing alongside her father prior to my appearance before them on June 15.

“There has to be some respect for the office of Prime Minister if not for Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and his family. We are being called to the building of the Federal Judicial Academy.

“Perhaps they are not calling us to the Supreme Court because they must be thinking about 1997. Those who believe in Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif taught these court people a lesson … 20 years have passed since then but who can forget it!

“God be praised, it was not some office of a magistrate in the district court.

“Sardar Sahib, I don’t think that either the Supreme Court judges or the JIT little people have much knowledge of the Fiqh or Sharia. They are calling my girl, Maryam, without a mahram – a related male member of her family. If they are not allowing her husband, Safdar, they should let her accompanied by her parents.

“This is simply deplorable.

“I am thinking of so many things since these little people have summoned my girl, Maryam.

“First I am thinking asking my Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf Ali to tell the Supreme Court that they should this JIT to visit Saudi Arabia’s General Presidency for Scholarly Research and Ifta website, which I am told lists dozens of fatwas on women.

“Sardar Sahib, you are our Minister of Religious Affairs so I was thinking of asking the Supreme Court to consult with Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani, Chairman of the Council of Islamic Ideology. He is good man.

“I am also thinking of meeting with Mufti Fazlur Rahman telling him that I want to discuss some diesel oil permits, and that time I should ask him to issue a fatwa that my girl, Maryam should be accompanied by both of her parents as her mahram.

“Sardar Sahib, you know, our Mufti Sahib never disappoints.

“Sardar Sahib, we have to protect the dignity of the future Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

“What is JIT is doing is unbelievably unIslamic!

“Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto may be the first Peoples Party woman prime minister of Pakistan, but my girl, Maryam is the first Muslim League-Nawaz prime minister of Pakistan.

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