Ha ha … Godfather

The co-chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party, and the 11th and former President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has convened a meeting of his senior party leaders at Bilawal House, Islamabad.

Present are Senate Leader of the Opposition Sen. Aitizaz Ahsan, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Khurshid Shah, and Sen. Sherry Rehman Vice President of Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians.

“Aitizaz you are not only our point man in the Senate but also a barrister and a senior advocate in the Supreme Court. Tell me what do you think about the caliber of this Supreme Court?

“I am really worried. This Supreme Court is our country’s law authority, but I don’t see the caliber.

“Aitizaz you agree that we have had great judges and the names that come up instantly are jurists like Cornelius, Kayani, and SA Rahman.

“And down we come to judges like Chaudhry Iftikhar Husain who debarred our Prime Minister Yousuf Raza … our great Gilani Sahib!”

“President Sahib, you are missing out the Supreme Court that martyred our beloved leader, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Sahib,” interjected Aitizaz Ahsan.

“Yes, Aitizaz, you are right. But what has been bothering me since the last few days and this is why I called you here today is that the Supreme Court declared that Mian Nawaz … Nawaz Sharif is Godfather.

“I say that at best, these judges were going by a novel. They have of course haven’t studied a proper Godfather.

“To say the least, I am sure the honorable judges depended on some third or fourth hand information. Ha ha ha … Nawaz Sharif Godfather!

“What has this Godfather made? The 2500 kanal Raiwind estate! Mayfair flats … a few sugar mills … a few agricultural projects! Oh … and of course, the offshore thing in Panama.

“What else, Gilani Sahib? I doubt if Nawaz is worth more than $3 or 4 billion.

“Soon if Imran Khan has his way through the Supreme Court, we will get a count of the wealth of this ‘Godfather’. I doubt if even it would come this estimate. American kids are making more than this these days! Uh Godfather.

“You must have heard about the U.S. Senate’s Permanent subcommittee’s staff report on investigations hearing on private banking and money laundering of November 1999. It has a section titled ‘Asif Ali Zardari Case History’.

“Does any judge of our Supreme Court know about it … has anyone of them even heard about it?

“Oh, just value the Bilawal Houses in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and soon Quetta.

“And my sugar mills across Pakistan. And twenty odd major agricultural holdings in Sind.

“Oh and yes, the famous Swiss accounts and so many other accounts in the U.S., U.K, France and others.

Ha ha … and Nawaz is Godfather …  what is he in England? Mayfair? Does he have a chateau in France, or homes in Britain, Brussels, Spain and Florida, and I forgot to mention the condominiums in New York City … in Manhattan.

“The Supreme Court declared Godfather has no taste. Just look at the 335-acre Tudor style Rockwood House that I had in Surrey. Really it more than the £4 million I paid for it. Ha ha … Nawaz the Lassi Man can’t even imagine the beauty of pubs! This Dog and Pheasant is some beauty. When the landlord refused to sell it me, I got a replica built in my basement. The property had polo pitches, a stud farm and a golf course. O my Lord!

“And wow … the La Manoir De La Reine Blanche in Cannes. What a dream house.

“Of course, all of you have been at my Dubai place so often.

“Aha Mr. Godfather. Where is the charisma! President George W. Bush personally assigned Secretary of State Condi Rice to twist Gen Pervez Musharraf’s arm to do the NRO with us … the late Bibi … And what the great Godfather did! Saudi Arabia took pity on him and paid $9 million to Musharraf to spare his life!

“Yes, Mr. Godfather, construction project are most rewarding. We get into politics to have the till under our control, but see what I did in the construction sector. The mighty Malik Riaz gifted his nephew with the bomb-proof bullet-proof Bilawal House in Lahore. I estimate it at more than Rs. 6-7 billion. When Malik Riaz was handing the key to Bilawal, I reminded him that he has two nieces too … Bakhtawar and Asifa.

“I told them to have some patience. Surely, when we return to power, they too will get their gifts from Uncle Riaz.

“Mr. Godfather and his sons and others are hauled before the Joint Investigation Team made of Grade 20s officers … ha ha … and no one even has the temerity to ask why Malik Riaz gifted the Lahore Bilawal House to his nephew. Hey Supreme Court of Pakistan this is called a Real Godfather Sirs!.”


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