No Way USA

The mood on the 26th floor of the 58-story Trump Tower located on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City is quickly altering: anger to joy to despondency. Gathered around the conference table are the hopefuls in a hoped for Trump Administration.
Former City mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, campaign chief executive Stephen Bannon, veteran GOP pollster and strategist, and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway, hopeful transition team leader and New Jersey governor Chris Christie, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner.
The first item on the agenda was The Donald’s Mexican border wall. During the third presidential debate October 19, Hillary Clinton had accused that Trump had choked during his meeting with the Mexican president because he never brought up the border wall that has been the center of his immigration policy.
Opening the conversation, Trump declared he had indeed discussed the Wall with Mexican President Peña Nieto, adding, “But you know English is not his native language… I am positive that Hillary, I mean that “nasty woman” doesn’t understand that.”
Rudy Giuliani letting out a guffaw said, “Even in New York City, they can’t comprehend English. Its asking me to comprehend Persian or Obama’s tongue Swahili or something … whatever!”
“Rudy,” boomed Trump, “I have asked Jared to get three quotes for the Wall. I am going to send it by Fedex, duly translated in Spanish, to make it easier for Peña Nieto on January 20, 2017 right after I step into the White House.”
“Yep. Dad is right. This Neta guy needs to pay for the Wall. The Mexicans are coming in, not the Americans. So he should pay for it,” declared Kushner.
Governor Palin chimed in, “Yes, Donald, our United States has to be sealed tight like a tuna can. You let in any air in and the tuna spoils. It’s just not Caribou and Moose burgers. I cook tuna too. I know. And I would not count out the Canada border wall, especially with this Trudeau at the helm there.”
“And Dad,” Ivanka declares, “we got to keep an eye across the Pond too. This Corbyn thing is nasty. Worse than communists! You know that three kids or not but I keep an eye across the waters with the Daily Mail. It said that Corbyn said that protests at our embassy in London are as valid as at Russia’s. Now that isn’t fair. Putin is bombing Aleppo and Corbyn refuses to accept that our bombing is saving Mosul from the savages!”
“Yes, Ivanka, true choice. A class Murdoch media,” chimed in Giuliani.
Chris Christy, always on the lookout for a cabinet position, “Yes, Ivanka is right about savages. Yes, we all need to be thankful to Pamela Geller and her American Freedom Defense Initiative who educated our nation with her transit campaign, ‘In any war between the civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man’. Remarkable. And Pamela didn’t go PC, like person or something; she said ‘civilized man’ whom we all know as God’s own white nation.
“The Trump Administration should keep Pamela in mind for a State Department appointment. I would recommend her for Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. Pamela knows more than a word about those savages!”
Trump thumping the table, said, “You are spot on folks.
“Nigel … I mean Nigel Farage told me yesterday that the England cricket team now playing in Ben-gla-day … Bang-lad-esh, has not one but four Muslim members! And that too all of them Pakistanis! Ohhhh … with all those Islamist centers … jihadist … ohhhh …
“Cricket, the game the British play with a wooden bat and leather ball. I mean the team is 11 men, and not one, but FOUR are Muslims! He sent me their photos. Two of them have beards and one has a beard longer than Bin Ladin. God save the Queen is all I can think of.”
“First it was Europe-istan and now it is Englandistan.
“Indeed, Farage, despite being busy as leader of the UK Independence Party, and leading his 20-year ‘I want my country back’ campaign to take the UK out of the European Union, visited us at my invitation.”
Bannon interjects, “Indeed, I have been told that even during the British rule in India, those people were calling England as Englistan… wow … wow … I wonder what they call America the Beautiful. There is nothing new in their evil designs”
“Never forget what I said in the debate, ‘We have some bad hombres here, and we’re going to get them. Yes Sir! Get them!”
Governor Palin, never known from withholding her opinion, cautioned, “You mentioned played with bat and ball, Donald. I bet the Brits copied from our baseball. No way, we can let cricket into the U.S. of A. With these Muslims playing cricket in India and the areas, they will move here and fill our cricket team. Aha … a Brownistan Eleven! No way!
“And you know about Obama … born to a foreigner in the United States on a temporary basis with a student visa.”
“Sarah is right,” added Trump, “and claiming American birthright.
“I will not accept the election results. And I will not accept Obama’s birthright. Period,” boomed Trump.

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