An American Blessed Freedom

“I am sure that my June 2014 meeting with Vice President Biden and American congressional leaders and senior officials in Washington, D.C. was worth it. Nawaz Sharif did not bat an eye when I flew out to Dubai after I had challenged the military.

“This matter of trying to get me through poor Dr. Asim Hussain is getting boring. I need to get the screws tightened from Washington, D.C.

He he he … General Raheel Sharif may be leading Nawaz Sharif however he wishes, but hasn’t he been put in his place by the Americans when tried to invite himself to Washington, D.C.?

“On this visit, I need to meet with President Obama himself. We need to end this constant ‘get Asif Zardari’ drama.

“I am sure that Dr. Asim is getting the message that we are not abandoning him. And it shows that he has not unbuckled. He stands firm.

“Sherry [Rahman] don’t you think that this cackling by Khawaja Asif that Husain Haqqani is lobbying the U.S. Congress not to sell F-16 fighter planes to Pakistan, will create a bad impression if we put him on our team?

“Sherry, I am no way doubting your power but Haqqani has built a good network with all these think tanks and everyone.

“No doubt, it was Benazir who had maneuvered things with Present George Bush such expertly that the General Musharraf was put with his back to the rope, and had to sign the National Reconciliation Order (NRO).

Sherry tones in, ‘Indeed, our BB Shaheed is the greatest. A true scion to the legacy of our Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Jiye Bhutto!’

“I think, we have done our homework well. John Kerry may attend either Bakhtawar’s birthday on January 25, or Aseefa’s on February 2. And President Obama has invited Bilawal and me to his annual National Prayer Breakfast that they hold on the first Thursday of February.
“In fact, I am also taking both Aseefa and Bakhtawar along to the breakfast. No one is White House will tell a President, even a former president that you cannot bring all your children to their president’s breakfast. And the breakfast is at the Washington Hilton so there should be no fuss about space. White House, I can understand, but a hotel is fine. I need to ensure that all three of them are in the know of those who matter.

“At the breakfast, I am surely reminding President Obama, and you know well that message gets through, that I have three children who are at their beck and call, but he needs to get the Rangers’ nastiness in Pakistan out of the way.

“Sherry, we have to admire how focused Americans are. The same Modi who was refused a visa to the United States of America because of what he did in Gujarat, is now their honored guest and trusted partner! They live in the present, and my three children are the present.

“The important thing is continuity. My children have the youth, and the Bhutto name.

“Sherry when you get back to Islamabad, we need to start working with journalists to get them to ‘miss’ the Zardari from their names. I may feel odd for a nanosecond but the reality is it always Jiye Bhutto! So let us give Bhutto to the Pakistanis. Bilawal BHUTTO, Aseefa BHUTTO, and Bakhtawar BHUTTO.

“I am taking them to all my meetings with the Congressional leaders and government officials. Like they say in America, we have to make them the household name.

“Yes, Sherry, the most pressing thing is get that pesky military off our backs. Our beloved Sayin Qaim Ali Shah and Sind assembly did a wonderful job with the Sindh Prosecution Service Amendment Bill 2015.

“This is real beauty of democracy! It is our government and it is our right to get anyone freed by withdrawing the case against him from any of the courts.

“Sherry, do you think if I press this law with the Americans, they will be more amenable to get this Rangers thing off our backs?

“In my heart of hearts, I am confident that they will effectively shut down General Raheel and his Rangers campaign after all I am offering them three loyal leaders in Pakistan: Bilawal BHUTTO, Aseefa BHUTTO, and Bakhtawar BHUTTO, especially when this China Pakistan Economic Corridor is not too happy a pinprick for the Americans.

“I am going back from these shores with an American blessed freedom.

“Sherry lets do a big Jiye Bhutto!


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