‘Is sealing gutters also my job?

Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah, irked by reports that his likeness is being stenciled near uncovered manholes, potholes, garbage heaps, and overflowing gutters, summoned a meeting with his Principal Secretary Alamuddin Bullo, Communication Section In charge Pervaiz Ali, Media Consultant Abdul Rasheed Channa, Press Secretary Imdad Ali Keerio, and the ever ready fighter for the party cause Sharmila Farooqi.
The infuriated 84-year old patriarch declares that Nawaz Sharif has gotten to his head that he is the prime minister for the third time, and forgets that he became Chief Minister of Sindh for the third time and President of PPP Sindh for three tenures! And now this Imran Khan party, this PTI with one seat in Sindh Assembly thinks that sealing gutters is also my job!
I ask, “Is sealing gutters also my job?”
I wanted it confirm with Asif Sayin in Dubai but every time I call him, his line busy. Last night, I finally got through to his waiter on his cellphone and he says Asif Sayin is too busy calling his banks and real estate agents across the world. I don’t blame Asif Sayin, the time zones and all.
I wanted to ask Asif Sayin that if it is the Chief Minister’s job to seal gutters. After all Asif Sayin is our co-chair.
An emboldened Sharmila asks, may be we could ask Bilawal Sayin.
Oh no, exclaims the Chief Minister because eventually our Bilawal Sayin has to ask his father, our Asif Sayin before responding to me. Asif Sayin knows all the politics involved in everything.
Now if those pesky Rangers had left our Dr. Asim Husain to carry out our Asif Sayin’s work, I am sure Doctor Sahib would have contracted the manufacture of manhole covers, after all if manhole covers are for stealing, then our government should have fresh stocks ready at all times.
What a fine man is Dr. Asim!
Indeed I have to ask Asif Sayin that under which minister does the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) come. You can’t expect the Chief Minister calling KMC Administrator Sajjad Hussain Abbasi and asking him how many manholes are open and how many are closed. Perhaps, Asif Sayin would have advised me to establish a ministry of local government. Only Asif Sayin knows best.
Rangers, uff, Rangers. The local bodies elections meant that a MQM person was becoming Karachi mayor, but Rangers scared all of them to their hiding places, otherwise, I would have asked our Press Secretary Imdad Ali Keerio to tell the media to direct all manhole inquiries to the mayor. Ha ha ha …
I may be 84, but I am not saying that I don’t have sex appeal but I hear that most people stay away from bearded men. These mullaha have given beards bad publicity.
Thank God they have not put picture of Ayyan Ali near the open gutters, and other places, otherwise half of Karachi would be swimming in there, and PTI, yes PTI, with one seat in our Sind assembly, blaming it on all me.

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