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Ch Nisar Ali Khan and Ishaq Dar in tight corner.jpg

The mood is somber in the Prime Minister’s private dining room in the Secretariat where he has invited finance minister Ishaq Dar, interior minister Chaudhry Nisar and information minister Pervez Rasheed for a breakfast meeting.

Dar Sahib, Nisar Sahib, and Pervez Sahib, I have been feeling a bit sad since last night when my daughter Maryam showed me Jahangir Tareen’s tweet where both you Dar Sahib and Nisar Sahib are looking like quite mice when he is demanding that I hand over the Rs. 2.5 billion package that I promised to Lodhran.

Yes, indeed, I did promise that much but wasn’t it a straight business deal!

Instead of being quite, both of you should have roared like lions that why should they get paid when they did not vote for our candidate, Siddique Baloch? Did I give them a blank check?

Indeed I was hopeful that although he was an independent candidate Shahid Jahangir Khan had wisely opted for allocation of the batsman symbol. And I was proud of our Election Commission that it very wisely rejected Tareen’s objection because yes, there is a visible difference in the bat symbol of PTI and this candidate’s batsman. I know it because I have always been a batsman. While we had to stay with lion symbol but if Shahid Jahangir had divided Tareen’s votes, I would have given him some lucrative post, may be on PIA’s privatization board.

Dar Sahib, we have to make it clear to Jahangir Tareen that we cannot waste so much money on a tiny place like Lodhran. He he he … Tell me how many people in Lodhran can count up to 25!!!

Pervez Sahib, see how the Punjab ECP judge has acted so nicely and went on leave instead of hearing Aleem Khan’s petition against Sardar Ayaz Sadiq.

Since Jahangir Tareen has won his seat, he is acting like a big lion, when before he was afraid of a batsman. Not only he went to Election Commission with Aleem Khan, but he is also raising his voice against our Khwaja Asif Sahib. What he wants to stop our defense ministry?

I heard that people of Sialkot gave Tareen a 25 tola gold crown, and he told them that he would give it to Imran Khan’s hospital in Peshawar. Is it fair? This Punjab’s gold, and is giving it to KP! Really!

Instead of making noise in the assembly about my financial promise, he should have given that crown to the people of Lodhran. Like who will remember in Lodhran that I said Rs. 2.5 billion or 25 tola of gold. He he he

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