Once was not enough!

Reading newspapers isn’t Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s strong forte. However, he receives his stacks daily. It was on a rare occasion that he glanced and was frozen by The News headline declaring, “Probe against current, ex-PMs, CMs, ministers to be decided soon,” by Ansar Abbasi.
Oh no, even before my morning glass of lassi arrives, I have to see this!

Instead of buzzing for Ghulam Hussain for his beverage, he speed dials his Little Brother in Lahore, Shahbaz Sharif.

He asks him, if he had seen the headline that he saw the morning. No, he said, but it should not be disturbing.

The Prime Minister assures him that he is right. He knows that if this NAB found no evidence about corruption cases that had been on file for years against his dear brother Asif Ali Zardari. Yes, the former president, the friend who came to his aid when Imran Khan was shouting from atop his container. He knew he could always relay on his advice.

Shahbaz Sahib, what they call it in law? Preference, Providence, or what, when a judge can use an example from another case and give a decision.

Bhaijan, it is called precedence.

Yes. So this NAB has so many precedences and they still want to try their luck!

You know, Shahbaz Sahib that in August, NAB even had to close its inquiry against KP former Chief Minister Aftab Ahmad Khan Sherpao who they were saying had accumulated of assets beyond known sources of income. We all know how smart Aftab Sherpao is … he he he. He is no Asif Zardari for sure! He he he.

And of course, this NAB is another Pervez Musharraf invention … as bad as Kargil. He he he.

Shahbaz Sahib, I don’t care what they do to Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, Chaudhry Shujaat Husain, or Pervaiz Elahi, or for that matter anyone, but trying to soil the name of House of Sharif is not acceptable.

Now Abbasi says that NAB wants to investigate the misuse of authority in the construction of a road from Raiwind to our Jati Umra. So they wanted us to fly by helicopter to our home? He he he.

Have you heard about this one? NAB is saying that case is open since 2000 and involves the alleged misappropriation of Rs. 125 million. But how much in British Pound Sterling, which is Rs.159 each! Just a handful.

I see that NAB is saying that our Ishaq Dar Sahib has assets beyond his known means.

Shahbaz Sahib, what is this “beyond his known means” joke. If they are assets they are assets, in time they grow.

The Prime Minister has hardly taken a few sips of his morning lassi, and instead of the halva, he is stopped by another headline. This man says that Pakistan needs to be more transparent about the details of energy and infrastructure deals of CPEC.

Shahbaz Sahib, do you have the Dawn in front of you? Now this headline catches my eye that this man Ashraf Mahmood Wathra, our governor of the State Bank of Pakistan, I mean. He us saying that we need to be more transparent about the details of CPEC energy and infrastructure deals.

This is too much. Imagine when my friend President Xi Jinping is giving me a gift, I should ask him questions like how much is debt, how much is equity and how much is in kind. Tell me that when someone is giving you gift, you start asking questions. I think it is considered bad manners in any culture. My friend gave me a gift and I said thank you. I even didn’t look into them, if the dollars were made in China or USA.

Shahbaz Sahib, yes it is Chinese money but we have to tell this Wartha that it is $45 billion American Dollars. He he he, made in USA and not made in China!

Shahbaz Sahib, but my advice is to keep an eye on this Qamar Zaman Chaudhry, the NAB chairman. He may be thinking too much of himself because he won from court. I have a deep feeling that he is tying to gather fame you know so one day he can say that he put his hand on the neck of so and so and even Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, third time Prime Minister of Pakistan.

I am thinking that after his retirement this Qamar Zaman Chaudhry is going to join Imran Khan. This Imran Khan is not a trained politician, he can say anything about justice or accountability or corruption. And Imran Khan will love to use this Chaudhry.

One my friends living in America was telling me that people who want to join politics start like this. They become district attorney or something and then go after this or that important person. And one day they leave the job and stand for election and keep repeating the names of people on whose necks they have put their hands on.

Indeed Bhaijan, you are right. This self-publicity is not without reason.

Thank you Shahbaz Sahib, you know that how I read minds. Let me order another lassi, now with khoya! I deserve it!

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