The Price of Genius


It is as usual a languid day in the Zardari residence in Dubai. The former president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari had had his mid noon drink, Scotland’s finest.

He is poolside indoors, having a chat with his sister Faryal Talpur.

The brother has a special confidence in this sister. He made her and her husband Munawar Talpur custodians of his late wife’s property, which includes the guardianship of his three children.

In November 2010, when he was fearing attempts on his life, he had told the American ambassador Anne W. Patterson that in the event he was assassinated, he had instructed Bilawal to appoint his aunt Faryal as President.

Only if Bibi had not signed the Charter of Democracy, I would have sued Mian Nawaz for all his wealth, after the NAB ruled in my favor. You know Faryal, how smart the Prime Minister is he he he. And when Imran Khan was standing atop the container, Mian Sahib was constantly calling me and begging for help. And despite that he let the NAB cases draw on, but did he know that he was dealing with Asif Ali Zardari, the king of evidence removal. He he he. No one touches Asif, and no one touches his money!

I have this in mind. The next time we become President with our Bilawal as Prime Minister … Faryal would you like to be President this time? He he he. The government property in Islamabad surely plays host to a lot of wild boar. He he he.

The first action will be to reserve the NRO powers in our hand. You see what I mean, anyone wanting stay out jail, will be coming to us! Yes, sure, enjoy the perks, enjoy the power, collect the money, honestly give our share, and remain loyal to us! This is where the NRO will be the tool.

If you see that Mian Sahib has no ace card up his sleeve. People have forgotten the Pervez Musharraf episode, and then they know that Mian Sahib was living in a palace in Jeddah.

But for us. We have the ever-present Bibi card! Faryal he he he, when we come to power through Bilawal, we will restart the call to trace the murder of Bibi. It is a sure formula to keep the people from asking about rising prices, and rising this and that.

He dips his toes in the pool and lets out a satisfying grunt.

What really satisfies me to see how the PPP folks are wrestling each other to be the first ones at the starting line up. We see this is happening in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa; we see this going on in the Punjab. This dissent is actually a healthy sign.

They have the confidence in Asif Sayin coming back with a bang and distributing the goodies! They know that power flows through Asif Sayin. He he he.

This is the price of genius. I know how to keep cool because I know how things are done. He he he. All these little wrestlers!

He he he. Al these self-important little folks looking up to us, waiting for their limo rides, their five star hotel stays in London, New York, and Paris! He he he.

Another good thing is that let them simmer because in the final count, it will be us who will be ordering the appointments depending on well they deliver to us.

I was thinking of getting a hand on Ambassador Joseph Kennedy’s book about how he had planned to have a line up of his children ruling America. John Kennedy was the first, and then it was to be Robert and Edward. I have three children with the Bhutto name.

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