Greatness must be acknowledged


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in his office. His morning glass of lassi is moving. He is on line with Nadeem Hassan Asif, Secretary of the Establishment Division.

Asif Sahib, it is perfectly right to follow the good examples of others. Yes, you agree. You know that sometimes, the Nobel Peace Prize committee instead of giving the award to one or two people gives that award to an organization.

Just now my assistant has placed this paper before me that so far 23 individual organizations have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, such as UNHCR, which is also called the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and it has received the Nobel Peace Prize twice, in 1954 and 1981, and the Red Cross, and others. I will ask him to forward the list to you too.

Since yesterday, after seeing the local bodies election results, I have decided that none other but our honorable Election Commission of Pakistan deserves the nation’s first award given to a body.

You see what I mean. Yesterday, I glanced at the TV and they were projecting the PTI was winning in 24 of 50 areas in Islamabad. I was about to call for a cold towel, when I suddenly see that the results release has been delayed. And finally what do we get! Our party has secured 21 seats, with Tehreek-i-Insaf winning only 16 seats. You know that 13 seats have been taken by independent candidates. He he he, we all know that where all these independents go!

The ECP has never disappointed me.

I have therefore decided to award a Nishan-i-Pakistan with Bar to our Election Commission of Pakistan. Henceforth, it will be known as Election Commission of Pakistan – Nishan-i-Pakistan with Bar. Greatness must be acknowledged.

Asif Sahib, I want you to send a summary to the President to this effect right away.

You will also agree that good examples of others need to be followed. I have been told that in England, on the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, many awards our given. So what an appropriate time! We are in December. The award will be presented on December 25, on the birthday of our honorable Quaid-i Azam Sahib, and of course the birthday of Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, the third time Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Asif Sahib, I am bringing Pervez Rashid Sahib on line so his ministry, Information, can start right away.

Of course, Pervez Rashid Sahib is all praise for his brilliant leader, adding that it is only a great mind like Mian Sahib’s that can think about such great ideas, and it is only a great man like Mian Sahib who recognizes true greatness and service to the country.

He repeats that the minister knows well that without the ECP, the country would have not experienced so much of development, the Metro Bus lines in Lahore and Islamabad, the Orange Line in Lahore, and the big entertainment park coming up in Lahore.

The Prime Minister is at his peak. My researcher tells me that there are good and bad Bid’ah, and this award to an organization that is contributing to real development in the country is certainly a good Bid’ah. Here he also tells me that in Surah Rahman, ayat 60, it is stated Hal jazaul ihsani illal ihsan, which you know means “Is there any reward for good other than good?”

Indeed, our ECP is most deserving of this honor.

Pervez Rashid chimes in that he knows that the only one to get flustered over this would be Imran Khan, but he has a plan to drown out his voice.

The minister adds with a flourish that Mian Sahib imagine if the ECP was lagging, God forbid the country would have Imran Khan, and the development he would have brought about … He he he … some billion tree tsunami … better still a billion walnut tree tsunami … He he he.

The Prime Minister adds his hearty laugh.

The Prime Minister signals for his aide, “Ghulam Rasul, this moment really calls for another lassi, a lassi with khoya!


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