Not More than the Cost of a Plate of Siri Paya

Not More than the Cost of a Plate of Siri Paya

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is meeting his senior cabinet ministers at the private residence, Jati Umra.

Gathered are Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, federal information minister Pervaiz Rashid, federal railways minister Khawaja Saad Rafique, federal minister for water and power Khawaja Muhammad Asif, State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah.

Nawaz Sharif starts the meeting, complaining that he has been busy with overseas guests since the last few days and has not been able to focus on Imran Khan’s latest wild accusations that Rs 364 million are being spent on the security of Jati Umra.

“I am sure of you folks have forcefully rejected all this silly talk about too much expense on security.

“Isn’t security of a leader’s private residence the responsibility of the government?

“Yes, Rs 364 million sounds big amount, why don’t we start quoting in U.S. dollars or still better British pound sterling. The figure will look much smaller. This will shut quite a few mouths.

“Now Obama is using a Cadillac costing $1.5 million, and no one is making noise about it. But the moment you convert this amount into Pak Rupees or Italian Lira, everyone will shout like crazy! Oye so much money!

In fact, I will ask Dar Sahib that from now on, all government expense, especially on the Prime Minister and minsters will be reported in British pound sterling; and all the government in income in Pakistani rupees. This is reduce lot of headache on you folks.

“Now I am thinking that Jati Umra should be included the list of national historic buildings. Isn’t it the home of third time Prime Minister of Pakistan and if our relation with Election Commission of Pakistan continues at this level, it can be the home of Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan of more than three times.

“This historic listing will shut up Imran Khan forever. He has been talking about heritage buildings being affected by Orange Line. So now it will be a dosage of his own medicine! Jati Umra will be a national treasure to be maintained and provided security by the government.

“I asked my grandchildren to research and they tell me that the estate known as President Richard Nixon’s Western White House, was used while he was living and working outside of the official presidential residence, the White House in Washington D.C.

“The federal government took care of the security expenses.

“Now here is Abid. He is Kulsoom’s nephew. And he is visiting Jati Umra so often. Ask him how many people and families are living in Jati Umra?

“Hain jee, if you spread the expenses over the number of people, per head security cost is less that price of plate of Siri Pay and Naan!

“Who to explain this to Imran Khan? I don’t think if he is eating Siri Paya to know its price?

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